Thursday, July 21, 2011

Modern Monster

Darkness falls as the sun disappears around

The edge of the world that no one can seem

To discover, that no one can ever seem to

Catch up with as they go through the pathways

That they choose to call their lives.


Everyone likes the day, they feel the most at

Peace then because the creatures of myth that

They have been trained to be afraid of are always

Asleep while the sun still rises, they are raised

To believe that the creatures they are afraid of

Will only come out when the sun goes down.


So many people remain afraid of them despite

The fact that as they grow up they know that

These creatures are fake and that they have nothing

To worry about from them. They still fear the

Things that come out after dark.


Everyone has learned that all evils will only come

Out at night and that their days will always be the

Safest things they have even when their all alone.

No one is willing to admit that there may be a

Problem with the theory in the modern world despite

All of the crime that exists in the world and despite

The fact that the news has proof that modern monsters

Will always exist.

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