Sunday, April 10, 2011

The human vampyre

Lestat, played by Tom Cruise in The Vampire Chronicles
Vampires are something built of myth, something so many of us read about. Characters like Dracula from Bram Stokers book and Lestat (pictured left) popularized by Anne Rice novels have been present in popular culture for a long time. More recently the Twilight novels and movies (no matter how great/horrible you believe they are) have popularized a newer version of the mythical vampire regardless of hundreds of years of myth that we have all had to go on. Twilight being noted the fact that there are some people (which I'm hoping are mostly teenagers though I have seen pictures of horrible tattoos that picture someone who is clearly well over the age of 18 and often over the age of 30) that choose to claim they are "real" vampires despite the fact that many of them have little or no interest in real blood, animal or otherwise. Some of them, instead of being real vampires, are what are called lifestyle vampires. Lifestyle vampires being people that emulate the looks of real vampires but don't need blood or psychic energy to survive. They may find it from time to time in the bottom of their grocery meat packages or from some ethnic/Asian/Oriental stores that are willing to sell it, they may even replace it with a glass of wine, but it wont be something tat is a permanent part of their long term lifestyle.
There are some of us, however, that can't help but run off of blood or psychic energy. Some, like me, can easily run off of both and it doesn't matter which one we use since we all need it in some form. We have no choice in if we emulate the creatures we're so used to reading about in our favorite (or maybe not so favorite) novels and see in so many different movies. We know how hard it is to have a long period when we wont or cant feed and the effect it has on us. We are the real vampyres that have little to do with the creatures of myth. We can walk out into sunlight without bursting into flames or turning into a small pile of ash (though many like me will get headaches or migraines in daylight without sunglasses and will often need sunscreen to prevent burning). We don't have to sleep in coffins during the day to make sure no light gets to our skin. We don't have to worry about standing out to the general public because most adults wont worry that we're not truly human as we wonder around any street we like.
Many of us will hide from the general public due to the fact that many of us will be told we have clinical vampirism and asked to speak to a psychiatrist or other mental health professional. Some of us may have this condition this is true but a small fraction of us will be in this group. Another small fraction (thanks to modern education and access to things like the internet being so common) may have a blood fetish but are yet to decide to label it that way. For those of us who know we don't have clinical vampirism or a blood fetish we do rely on blood or energy to survive. The ethics for both will depend on if they are a sangrinarian (sang) vampyre, a psychic (psi) vampyre or energy worker, or are a hybrid which can do a mixture of the two and for the person themselves.
Some may choose to use animal blood instead of human because of the easy access to it. With grocery stores selling raw meat in trays being so abundant it makes it easier to simply by the package somewhere and drink whats left in the bottom of the package. With the psi vampyres and energy workers out there simply going to a place with a crowd where they can do ambient feeding is easy enough to do while some (that like using sexual energy the best) will find a willing donor one of many ways. The hybrids can easily use the ethics of both groups on which type they use and how they choose to obtain it.
Personally on my end (being a hybrid) I prefer to do ambient feeding and draw things from a crowd. Working at a very busy grocery store at the time this post is being written it makes it easy to ambient feed as often as I need without needing to worry about finding or paying to find a large crowd and without needing to feed in large amounts every time or often. For the sangs out there this may be harder for many to do since they often seem to want human donors and many of them may connect them to more of the Twilight fans that are claiming to be vampyres to emulate their favorite characters.
No matter how we feed we do exist. We are out there and not all of us are emulating creatures of myth. We will continue on living in many different societies and we will be the only predator that man will never be able to completely kill off despite their attempts.

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