Friday, January 21, 2011

Third Bridge in Aurora Colorado

Dust or orbs? You decide.
*All photographs taken by the author on October 29th, 2008 during her second trip to Third Bridge*
Third Bridge, one of the most famous haunted places in Aurora. Many teenagers will go there with friends to be obnoxious and try to create one of the many sounds and apparitions that are said to happen on the bridge. With the correct timing you can run into many of these sounds and have a lot of experiences that are something that aren't something many will experience during their lifetimes. Some skeptics may even have their own first experiences there and may no longer be a skeptic by the time they leave. Many of them will never be the same again after they can't find a way to explain away some of the events that happen there, some of the things both their friends and themselves have found that they will never be able to explain away or will ever be able to say didn't happen or didn't exist. For the average person a visit to the Third Bridge here in Aurora will mean little to nothing. It will do nothing that will effect their lives other than alter their idea of what really happens in the spirit world.
View off the side of the bridge
 For someone like me who is sensitive to the spirit world like me a trip to the bridge is a completely different experience. It's something that many of us will take with us no matter where we go and no matter what else we choose to do with our lives. It's something that could change us forever and could make us walk away not knowing what to do with ourselves. Nothing can prepare any person that is sensitive to the spirit world for a trip to the bridge, nothing can prepare them for the things that are going to bombard them while their on the bridge if they see the spirits or if they feel the energies of the spirits. I've been to other places that are also haunted (or simply rumored to be haunted) and I know that not a single one of those places could have prepared me for anything that has gone on at the bridge or any of the things that I've felt while I was there.
Tree off the side of the bridge

 The energy felt by the spirits of the Indians and early american settlers that were killed in the fighting there is so strong that any person that is sensitive to the spirit world may end up feeling nauseous or sick during their time on the bridge. Sensitives that tend to be more sensitive to the emotions of the spirits will feel the negative effects of the bridge more immediately than those that tend to be more visual. Of all of my friends that tend to be more visual with spirits I tend to pick up the fact that a place is haunted a lot faster than a lot of my more visual friends though they would feel the emotions of the spirits eventually as well, it just takes them a little longer than it does for me.
Those that are more visual in  their sensitivity to the spirit world more often than not will not be followed home by spirits and will have few ill effects after leaving the site. They'll have the images in their head from what happened there follow them home like so many others that are out there.
View of the guardrail from the opposite
side of the bridge, orb present on the right
Personally, as someone who is sensitive to the spirit world as far as the emotional range goes I often feel like a lot of my physical energy has been drained and it takes me weeks to recoup the energy I lost from my time on the bridge. As someone that has to work the next day I often wont go to the bridge if I have to go to work the next day, energy wise I simply can't do my job the next day. Emotionally I remain depressed for a few days and feel a lot of the feelings of the people that were killed there during the battle. All of the energy that reaches a person sensitive to the spirits emotions its impossible to not take some of it home with you no matter what you try to do to leave it there at the bridge. Something always has to follow you home no matter how hard you try.

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