Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stealing Boyfriends

            January. A common month for women to claim that “so and so stole their boyfriend from them”. Among my friends (who are between the ages of 18 and 21) say this a lot as some of their boyfriends leave them for other women and they have used this claim every time the boyfriend left. As young we are (and the fact we live in a large city with more clubs and public social events than anyone can count where we all can meet new men, not to mention countless online dating sites) I’m sure everyone reading this post agree that we wont have that last boyfriend wont be the one we marry. We probably won’t marry anyone until a few more boyfriends from now if we marry at all.
            What really irks me is how many women tend to treat their boyfriends like property and still expect them to stay with them. I don’t know about any of my readers but personally, if I had someone treating me like property I would probably leave them for someone else, too. Most people don’t want to put up with that kind of thing and many others would say the person that is putting up with it is being abused by someone in their lives. With so many different people out there to choose from and so many different ways to meet people most people won’t put up with more than they have to from a lover, more so in modern times when getting a divorce is so common.
            The concept of someone “stealing” their boyfriend also seems absurd to me. Men aren’t like cars, when we start dating them we don’t get a deed saying we own them, we don’t have to sign the back of said deed so someone else can buy them from us. Just like us they can decide they’re sick of our crap and leave us. They have the same free will that a woman has and just like us can plan to use it. Like many women like to have a new purse every once in awhile many men to realize they’re with the wrong woman and do choose to leave since they aren’t owned by us. If they’re really mean (and the woman particularly unlucky) they may choose to just cheat. They may consider cheating “easier” than actually leaving the women. No matter what they choose to do, men aren’t stolen from the woman, they choose to leave.

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