Monday, January 17, 2011

New Years resolutions

The Stanley Hotel, location: Estes Park, Colorado

            Jaunuary 17, 2011. A day when a lot of new years resolutions are probably being broken. Maybe even some new years resolutions are being tried again. Maybe some of you are like me and don’t even choose to set them.
            I know I personally hate setting the famous New Years resolution. Sure, I have the whole year to do a goal for myself and fulfill it. In the past I’ve done things like loose 5 pounds, read all of the works of Edgar Allen Poe (I own a book containing them all), visit a haunted place I’ve never been to before, do a little more traveling than I did last year, things like that. Things that are not only easily obtainable but things that can easily be done over the course of a year.
I had no time constraints on any of my goals other than I wanted them to be done by January of the next year. Never usually got motivated to do it. This year I did manage to check visit a haunted place I’ve never been to before off of my list by visiting The Stanley Hotel. It’s a place that’s an easy (though long) drive from where I currently live and a place I’ve passed several times without having ever gone in. Sure, the last ghost tour of the day was over but I at least was able to cross that goal off of my list.
Many of the goals I do set for myself now have nothing to do with the fact that it’s a new year or the fact that everyone seems to have a thing for making a new them for the new year. I know personally that if I’m going to change something about my life I’ll change it whenever I feel like it and I’m not going to be doing it because someone decided a long time ago it would be fun to stay up until midnight and set some goal for themselves for the year. Sure, I spend every year up until midnight like a lot of others out there; I also usually watch the ball drop and listen to a bunch of the bands that are playing that night. I leave the changes to others since if I want to make a change in my life it will because I feel like it, not because there is a massive holiday going on and “everyone is doing it”.

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