Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nature of people

Taken in Estes Park, Colorado by the author of this blog
Nature, be it our own nature as humans or the nature around us every day seems to be something that is greatly ignored. Something that many of us see every day and often don't think about since its often something that doesn't change from day to day and is something that remains fairly solid throughout our lives. For many of us we become pretty set in our ways by the time we turn 18 and are even more set in our ways by the time we hit 20 years old. Shows like Scared straight and Jersey Shore don't phase us into starting a new chapter of our lives solely because of what we see on television every day if we even bother  to watch the show at all (some, like myself, may consider any reality television even closely resembling Jersey Shore to be complete crap and will do anything but choose to watch it). For many of us it will take something major like the tragic loss of a loved one to have our every day nature to change at all, even if its something small like a small change in habits or quitting a habit that we knew was really bad for us in the beginning (like smoking or drinking way more alcohol than we should). For some even a tragic event may not even cause us to change our daily habits and may not even change our daily lives as they currently stand at all.
Taken at the Olinger Hampden, Denver, Colorado.
Many of us have now heard of the shooting of a politician at a Safeway in her area. Many of us have also heard the shooter had a long period in which he was showing mental illness that many people choose to ignore so they could get on with their lives thinking that nothing bad would come with it. Me, like many others, have seen the pretty scary mug shot of Jared Loughner that made him look fairly creepy. I know personally that if I saw a guy on the street that I didn't know making that face I would probably make a point to cross the street just in case there was a weapon hidden in there somewhere. I think most of us with a healthy case of paranoia would choose to do the same thing considering it would be part of an old (and in some a long forgotten) instinct that something seemed off about the man. Unfortunately for many of the mentally ill violence is something that is common to them and something many of them probably cant completely control without some form of mental help from a professional that is prepared to help them with it. In the case of Jared Loughner and his victims the help he needed came too late.
Taken at the Olinger Hampden, Denver, Colorado
Many of those out there will know this is a major tragedy no matter how you look at it. There are mothers and fathers that will never get their children back. There are sisters and brothers that will never get their siblings back. There are friends that will never get a friend they enjoyed seeing so much back. Many people remain in critical condition and may not come out of it. The senator that was shot and killed for doing something as simple as interacting with the public may never be able to completely function as a complete human being again because of the path the bullet took through her brain. There are funerals that may be forgotten as the family passes away and the children that knew some of the youngest victims grow older and forget about childhood friends. There are a lot of different possibilities there. The only thing that many will see good from this will be that someone with a mental illness may finally get the vital treatment he's needed for many years. He may never do this again because someone will be assisting him in being as normal as he possibly can be for the rest of his life. If "normal" isn't ab option by many peoples standards or by his psychiatrists standards maybe he'll at least have a chance at finding some relief from his illness though for the many victims of this tragedy and their families their sense of normal will never be restored.

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