Monday, January 24, 2011

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi. A man so many have heard of and know for the things he has done for India. Even now he inspires many different people because he is a peaceful person that did a lot of good for many. It is even believed that he inspired Martin Luther King, Jr. while he was advocating for the rights of black people so many years ago. He struggled with school as a young child though he did do better with his studies later on with life. After he finished his grade school learning in the UK where he studied law.
During his time in the UK he promised his family that he wouldn't touch wine, women or meat. With his wife back in India having had his first son when he left on the boat he was leaving a lot of his life behind. With a lot of the UK not being vegetarian finding food that didn't have meat was a struggle. Many of the dishes he found at first he described as tasteless and he didn't enjoy any of it. One day he found a vegetarian restaurant that he enjoyed and found a pamphlet on vegetarianism which he really enjoyed. He started reading a lot of books on vegetarianism after this to learn more about the diet. He was happy to see that science was starting to back the diet that many Indian people had enjoyed for many years and decided that spreading vegetarianism would be part of what he wanted to do with his life.
He met a Christian friend in a vegetarian boarding house one day that introduced him to the bible. The Old Testament put him to sleep but he loved the New Testament. He respected his new friends religion since it had been something he had been taught early on in his life. Once passing the bar and becoming a formal lawyer Gandhi went back to his home in India where he worked on helping all in India gain the much needed change that the entire country needed.

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