Monday, December 6, 2010

Coming Winter

Winter slowly begins to settle in and

Begins to drive people within their homes,

They all begin to hide from the cold temperatures

That have begun to set into a state that

Goes dormant every winter with the coming

Of the snowflakes.


With the coming of every snow there will be

A new body that comes from one of the

Homeless that have no place or way to stay warm.

It's another toe tag used by the coroner

Who sees death as part of their job every day.


So many are worried about what will happen

With the coming winter that few worry about

How the people that have nothing are going to

Make it through the winter or how they are going

To make it through the winter or even through

The next day since so few are willing to offer

Them money for food or to an organization that

Will be able to give them food or clothing.


With how much money goes through the hands

Of the people in society it seems so few goes

To the rejects of society or to the people who

Still have a chance to improve their lives with the

Right amount of help. So few are looking to help

Improve the lives of their fellow man no matter

What it means to the people they do really help.

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