Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Commercialized Religion

So many look to things to fulfill

Their religious needs instead of

Looking into their souls and looking

To their diety to fill their spiritual needs

And bring them what they look for

In the afterlife and in their current life.


They don't want to grab hold of

Their religion and make it theirs again.

They want to find a way to

Commercialize it like so many companies

In this day and age have already

Done to what was a great spiritual holiday.


More and more people are loosing

Touch with their roots as more and more

Days turn to stores to send them goods

They don't need in their daily lives

Or in their religious practices.


They see a book they feel they need,

A knife that they could have already found

In their own kitchen and given a new

Use instead of letting it rust in a drawer

Where it would have remained completely

Unseen by the world.

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