Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Within a Pack

            I unlocked the front door to the compound. I’d been living with the same pack for about six months now. It was a really large pack by our standards but I’d enjoyed the lifestyle that came with this size of pack. I’d grown up in a small pack, one where people were jealous of whoever had a better lover than themselves and one only had a single lover at any single time. I was more annoyed by the single lover standard than anything else. I always looked for sex for fun instead of sex for mating purposes. With the smaller packs (usually 10 people) there was only a new birth or two every few years as two couples were chosen to have the next child. I left my pack and the man chosen to be my lover in an effort to find a pack that would free me from those social norms. I found that in my current pack, the numbers here ranged from three hundred members to four hundred members. It seemed to fluctuate every day as people changed packs while others started small packs of their own.
            I moved on to my room on the third floor of the building. We kept no locks on the room doors. Unlike with humans we had no thieves among our kind. We only had to worry about humans breaking into the compound and stealing anything that they thought might be valuable to other weres. In the twenty years the compound had been standing a break in hasn’t happened. It made me feel confidant to live in this place, like I didn’t have to worry about everything that I chose to leave here during the day as I went about my mundane day in a human candy shop. Luckily enough for me it was only a part time job and I only kept it when I felt like splurging on my bondage gear.
            I opened my room to find it empty. Considering the long string of lovers I’d had over the past few months this was slightly unusual. I guess many of them had gotten a bit bored or had moved on to other lovers. It didn’t seem like as many of us had bondage fetishes had happened for as long as I had thought. So far I was the only one who had kept it for more than a few weeks. I opened my closet door to find a body in my closet. It was badly mangled and had been clearly murdered. I walked over to my desk and pressed the silent alarm that would notify the alphas that there was a problem in my room. Instead of putting my coat in the closet I tossed it across the bed. The last thing I wanted to do was mix more of my scent with the body than was needed. Knowing how the alphas investigated things they would want to get a good scent of the body and any scents that clearly didn’t match it or of anything we used on the compound. It would bring to light the murderer, of whom I expected was on the compound.
            The alphas arrived quickly. They saw the problem instantly and saw no need to ask me any questions about it. That was something I was happy with, I didn’t want to talk anymore than I already had today. There was nothing I could really add to this, anyway. It was by complete accident that I even discovered the body in the first place, there was nothing I could add. Judging by the fact that there was no rot to the body yet it may have been tomorrow morning before I discovered it there had I not decided to use my closet. As they were sniffing the body I realized how the dead were would have a relation to me: we had been having sex the night before. It seems odd that he would end up in my closet of all places. I knew he had a regular lover, I saw the two of them together almost every day since I started here. I couldn’t help but wonder if she could have done it.
            The alphas ran out of the room at a speed that I hadn’t seen in a long time. I decided to head down to the meeting room now. I figured they’d be down there to make the announcement soon anyway. The killer was most likely within the pack and they would call it to announce his or her name soon anyway. I wanted a good seat so I could clearly see the face of the person that had decided to leave a dead body in my closet. Though it was just an awkward coincidence that I’d had sex with him I would love to see what the real motivation for leaving him there was. Surely it couldn’t solely be for that reason considering everyone here had sex with anyone at any time.
            Upon entering the meeting room two senior weres were already setting up the ritual fire. They must have been warned that we were all going to be called here soon by one of the alphas assistants. I picked a seat close to the front so I could easily see the face of the person. Being relatively short (I stand at only 4’2”) it was impossible for me to see when sitting anywhere else in the room. I was the shortest person here, the next closest person to my height would be 6’6” and that was a stretch for me.

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