Sunday, July 18, 2010

Torment of the Young and Different

            I booted up my computer to check my email. It was the biggest way I had learned to communicate with what I believed was real people. People who seemed to be like me, shy and pessimistic, and didn't want to have to deal with the idea that people they saw everyday could be lying to them or that the jocks were planning a new attack on them that would bring them a step closer to suicide. That's what happened to the only boyfriend I ever had. Being an openly gay couple and me being too much of a recluse for them to find ways to adequately torture, they went after him. He endured it for about six months (we started dating three months before this) he finally couldn't endure anymore, didn't want to endure anymore.

His entire family had been rich; he had a $1,000,000 inheritance in his name the day he died. His mothers' lawyer was also supposed to follow through with any requests he had made. He made a will that morning making me the only beneficiary. I inherited the entire $1,000,000, a Mercedes that he had adored and I would consequently never bring myself to sell, three expensive and top of the line computers, and his entire (and very expensive) wardrobe. We had been the same size when he had died so I didn't have to adjust the car or have the clothing altered to fit. Many of the girls at our high school were very jealous of me because I was richer than many of them and now their families. I was also able to dress better than all of them. Much of the money I now had would go to my college education, I planned on going to Harvard law school and had already been accepted to do. $167,200 of the million would be going to tuition alone. Much more would be going towards books. With any luck I could use what was left to purchase the dream house the two of us would have always wanted.

Once my email was open I could see 4 new emails. All of them were from what I considered to be the best friends I had right now. 3 of them were other gay males and the 4th was a lesbian woman. All of them were going through the same torture my boyfriend had and the lesbian was going through the same torture I was. Her girlfriend had been a successful writer very young and had earned her fortune. She had blogged everyday so her fans could keep up with her. The jocks had eventually lead to her death and my friend had gained her $14,000,000 fortune, a fortune that was growing as more and more of her books continued to sell to libraries and new fans that were constantly deciding to own the collection.

We talked to each other regularly as well as about what we planned to do with our lives. She planned on going to Harvard the same year I was and planned to have everything paid for since she had made so much from her lovers' suicide. She planned on writing books during this time as well in hopes that the same agent and publishing company would want her work. She didn't thing she was as good as her lover but she was always willing to try, it was only something she wanted to do in her spare time. What she would really like to do is represent the homeless and get them all of the help they deserved. Many people didn't want to go into this line of work because so many believed the homeless were just too lazy to find real jobs. It also didn't help them get their expensive college tuition and BAR fees paid. For me it was an honorable thing to do for sure. I personally planned on owning a GLBT friendly law firm after encountering multiple anti-GLBT lawyers while signing papers to gain my inheritance.

I opened her email first and discovered one that was a little longer than normal. I started reading to discover she had gotten a contract writing though not for a lot of money. She was still excited to have gotten it and had started a blog of her own just in case any of her earliest fans were interested. She sent me the link so I could also feel free to read it at my leisure. The blog link looked similar to her email which didn't surprise me. Over time she had a constant fascination of the plight of homeless people and seemed to want to aim everything she did in that direction.

After congratulating her and getting her caught up on what I had recently been doing I got to the rest of my emails. They were mostly the whole "how are you and what have you been doing" emails. I was quickly caught up and was wishing that more of the less common writers had responded, it would have kept me distracted for a little longer. I guess I couldn't be too upset, many of the people I wrote to had separate lives from the ones they lived online. These lives also included friends that they saw face to face every day that probably knew way more of their secrets. I know with the exception of the 4 that I spoke to regularly I didn't have anyone I was willing to tell much. They understood what happened to us everyday just because we had the less common sexual orientations.

They had the jocks that beat them up while they were standing at their lockers, possibly even been locked in them when they were still small enough to fit. I know one of them had been locked in there for more than an hour during a gym class as the teacher cut her fingers to pieces trying to get him out before she finally had to call the fire department (she also continued trying until they arrived). They had the people that gave them odd stares in the hallways as people feared they were going to get raped by the people they saw everyday. Its what we all shared in common, we were the tormented and the young.

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