Saturday, July 24, 2010

Spell Checkers Volume 1

Length: 145 pages

            Three young witches are using spells to get through high school. These spells get them good grades, popularity, and anything else they want. If something doesn’t go their way they just simply use magic to fix it. When two of the three girls dolls, the source of their powers, go missing they begin loosing their powers. They all suspect someone has casted a curse against them and start looking for their dolls before they realize that this is the cause of the loss of their powers. The two girls that have missing dolls accuse the third girl of stealing them since it is her week to own their spell book and she hasn’t had any effect on her magic.
            When the only girl with her magic remaining gets rid of her parents for the weekend (with magic of course) so she can throw a huge party for her sixteenth birthday the other two girls decided to go through her room looking for their dolls. The dolls are quickly found since they were not well hidden to begin with. The third girl had claimed that she had not stolen the dolls and that she had no idea how they had gotten there. The other two dressed her as an emo and embarrassed her in front of the entire party only to discover a fourth girl was a witch and had hidden their dolls and set them against each other.

Very well written and has great artwork. You feel like you’re in the same room as these three girls and like you could actually do the magic yourself if you possessed their spell book. 4 out of 5.

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