Monday, July 19, 2010

The One Minute Assassin by Troy Cook

Length: 287 pages


            Politics are heating up in California for another election year. The position of governor has come up again with a crazy mix of people deciding to run. The top contenders are a lobbyist for a large pharmaceutical company, a rapper with a large gang history who is willing to claim the slightest remark racist, and a woman that comes from a political family as powerful and as well known as the Kennedy’s. As the polls change the lobbyist realizes that he has to do something to help himself win the election and it doesn’t involve taking bribes.
            He elicits the help of the Russian Mafia, who also run the pharmaceutical company, to hire assassins to kill off the other candidates so he will be the only one with any real chance at winning the election. Unfortunately, the assassins the mafia hires are 3rd rate and can rarely get any of the killings correct. When they put Eleanor Black, the runner up from the political family, into a coma he goes farther back in the running than he was before. Her younger brother, John Black, takes her place using an old law and his anti-political statements make him popular in the crowds and keeping him ahead of the killer.


            Troy Cook writes a thriller that keeps you interested from page 2. The characters are well done and are shown to have very different personalities. Also, if you think politicians are blood sucking leeches that don’t do anyone any good, John Black will be your favorite character.
My rating: 5 out of 5.

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