Wednesday, July 28, 2010

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Immigration law in Arizona
            Many of us have heard about the new immigration law in Arizona that requires anyone who immigrates to the USA to prove their citizenship within the country. If they are caught by local police without their papers the state will deport them to their country of origin. The law isn’t exactly anything new other than the fact that a state is trying to enforce something that the federal government is already supposed to be doing. Anyone who immigrates to the US should already have their green cards with them at all times to prove they are indeed a legal resident of this country. This keeps them from being deported when police ask them to see it. The law is controversial in part because the Federal government doesn’t want to give up sole responsibility for immigration law and making sure that illegal immigration is controlled.
California Fire
            The newest fire in California is happening during a key time in tourism in the area. Most hotels are booked completely out and there is a steady flow of campers. At this point the fire isn’t contained and everyone in the area that is in harms way (as well as all of their pets, though large animals are being controlled by animal control) and there isn’t any death toll yet. Firefighters are working on containing the blaze and are working on protecting homes in the area that are yet to burn down. The cause of the fire is under investigation and it's suspected that there is a human cause behind it.
Wikileaks May Be Doing Damage
            Now that Wikileaks has decided to reveal a few thousand documents revealing the names of Afghan informants it could be a major threat to those whose names were revealed. Though fifteen thousand documents were held back because of the names held within them the people whose names are exposed could loose their lives because of what the website choose to reveal.
Jury Deliberations Begin
            Rod Blagojevich, the former governor of Illinois, has a number of charges against him including fraud and extortion. He became a bit more known on the political scene when there were rumors that he was attempting to sell the senate seat that had been occupied by Barack Obama before he won the presidential election. As more investigations came underway more had surfaced that he was committing illegal acts while he was the governor. His brother is also being charged with similar things since he was part of many of these scandals. The jury has now gone to deliberate on the ex-governors case.
Case Dropped Against New York Governor
            A young woman who was allegedly assaulted by David Patterson, the governor of New York, failed to show up to the court date. Her failure to appear made the case automatically dropped and the governor was declared innocent. Patterson allegedly threw the woman against a mirror and attempted to rip of the woman’s Halloween costume and later called her to threaten her. 

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