Friday, July 16, 2010

Loss of Patience

As children we're all taught concepts like sharing, being nice to others, and how violence never solves anything. It's part of growing up, it happens to us all so we can fit into what society has decided is the norm for that culture. Some things will change from culture to culture: dress, the way people eat and sleep, major religions in that country, and even how death is treated.

One thing that seems to be universal is the need to have patience. It's something that seems to go right along with simple things like toilet training. Despite it being taught to everyone as they're growing up it seems to be something that is growing thinner and thinner. More and more children and adults are being less and less patient for the things that are going on around them. The person in front of them in the drive through is going to slowly, the computer (which is booting up perfectly fine and may be a year or less old) is booting up too slowly, their favorite online or computer game is experiencing a little more lag than their used to seeing because it may be crowded or the computer may be overheating. No matter how small the amount of time is people seem to want fast things to be faster.

Even something as simple as sitting down and eating dinner with family someplace other than in front of the television seems to be a struggle. The kids would rather be watching their favorite cartoon. Maybe mom has a soap opera that she doesn't have time to watch during the day saved on DVR or TiVO that she really wants to see. Maybe it's even Sunday night and dad wants to finish the football game instead of spending 30+ minutes eating with his family. This isn't even including the even longer meals that happen around the holidays (religious holidays or non-religious holidays) that tend to occur away from the television for most families.

Patience seems to be quickly fading in many individuals. In a world where computers and food has gotten faster we all want something right now with as little social interaction as possible. Many people even resort to online shopping at websites that can get them their item(s) as soon as the next day instead of driving all over town for what they would like to have. People can even have their groceries delivered to their front door so they don't have to waste time doing shopping and waiting in line while they could do something else that doesn't involve making a list and being patient with other shoppers.

In a fast paced world people would also rather have the information be readily available to them on the internet instead of waiting to get the newspaper in the morning. Why wait for the New York Times to show up on your doorstep when it can come directly to your fancy iPhone you absolutely had to buy to do everything for you? Why watch the Lindsey Lohan court case on television for 4 hours when your favorite online gossip column will let you know as soon as the judge has made a verdict? Why should you walk in to McDonalds to buy your 3,000 calorie meal when you could use the drive through and eat it while driving to work, school, or even home instead of getting something healthier?

In a day where patience is wearing a little more thin it seems many people are forgetting about it completely. Maybe, in a day when patience seems to be disappearing, people need to remind themselves to have a little more.

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