Friday, July 23, 2010

Loss of Innocense

Not so long ago people
Used to avoid killing the
People around them no matter
How much they disliked the person

The few people that did kill
Had more respect for family
Than the people of today.

So many people now die
Because of any small thing
They have done or because
Of nothing they did.

Innocence is lost at a
Younger and younger age as
More think that killing is
A more acceptable way
Of solving a problem.

So few people learn to talk
Out a problem now that we seem
To be heading more towards
Anarchy than people are willing
To admit to themselves and
To the people around them.

The crime rates seem to be going
Out of control despite the amounts
They seem to be going down according
To the statistics the government seems
To be so willing to give us.

The innocence that we have lost
Can never be regained as the body
Bags are brought out of everywhere
And the spirits of the dead seem to want
To be avenged for what
Happened to them.

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