Thursday, July 22, 2010

Loosing the Earth

So many people ignore those
Who have more interest in what
Is around them than the needs they
Have for themselves.

So many people don’t realize
That the planet is dieing around them
And that something needs to
Be done about it before it’s gone.

The earth is giving us all
Of the signs it can that it is dieing
But so many of them go
Unnoticed because so many
Figure there must be another planet
Out there for us and for our pets.

The possibility that our earth is the
Only one, that there is nothing
Else that we can find is something few
Are willing to accept despite all
Of the evidence that it may be the
Only one that can hold any life
Without unnatural changes.

With luck we can save our
Planet, make it so she lives and supports
Us for many more years and we don’t
Have to worry about loosing our
Lives until we finally loose our sun.

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