Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Living Book

            Anyone familiar with any mainstream religions bible (Christianity, Judaism, Mormonism, Islam, ect) understand that the bible and their views on God and what is the right thing to do never changes, it never becomes any different than what it was or what it has always been. These books have been the same for centuries and people seem reluctant to question anything that is written in it once they claim to believe in what it says and what power the God within its pages says. It has created wars, started arguments, broken up families, and even condemned other religions because it wasn’t that religion. These books also often claim to be the only religion that is correct and to be followed is the religion within its pages. These are often claimed to be holy texts, often with the word bible, Koran, and many other different things on the title page. They are often the most stolen thing in book and grocery stores because of the value the pages are meant to contain despite the fact that what is contained in the book itself would condemn this type of behavior as a sin.
            Unlike these religions Paganism and Wicca doesn’t exactly have a single holy script or book that all relate to. It makes no difference to us what one coven or a single person has to say about what we believe and what we don’t, what we believe is fluid and can change as society changes and as we ourselves change. Our books of shadows are living books and change as we do. We add and subtract what we do and do not believe in that point in our life. We control what it says is a sin and what it claims will happen to us during the afterlife. We control every spell it will ever contain and can choose to remove those spells as we would remove a hangnail. We can get rid of ones that we no longer need and ones that we consider to not work.
            If you’re a solitary practice Pagan or Wiccan or in a coven the book of shadows you own a copy of should always change as you do. Never should you say what your coven believes in entirety is what you believe and never should you say what you believed was the God or Goddess is what you still believe later in your practice if that is not what you currently believe. Many of us change beliefs as we age or become more strict in what we choose to throw our faith into. We know what has been working for us and when we think it is failing to work. We choose what we believe is the best for us and what is truly our religious practice and what isn’t. Though many people give Paganism and Wicca a bad rap and place us in with Satanists and what many other non-pagan or cult groups that is far from true. We remain everyday people despite our beliefs and despite what television and movies choose to show about us they will often be wrong and we must always look for what is the truth about our religion and who the God and Goddess truly are to us.

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