Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In the News

Sinking of a North Korean Ship
About 2 months ago a North Korean ship sank. There is some suspicion that a submarine exploded underneath the ship which caused a hull breech and that is what the official report in North Korea says. Considering the political election that is going on in the country right now it isn’t a surprise that this is thought to have something to do with anti-communism and that the ship was sank on purpose by someone in North Korea.
            Like many other major events in history there are conspiracy theories behind it which are being investigated. There are other options being looked at such as the boat running into a coral reef and damaging the hull. Many of the sailors on bored drowned and no deceased sea life was found in the area which makes people doubt the theory that a submarine had exploded beneath them despite reports of a submarine appearing on radar before the accident happened.

            As many people are starting to loose support in our president he seems to loose even more of his focus. With many Americans out of work he decides to work on a bill that requires large companies to show who is funding their activities. Why you may ask? To save the butts of politicians of course. Why would he bother trying to create new jobs when he could protect the cockroaches we like to call our politicians?

Over treatment of prostate cancer
            We all know that early detection and treatment of cancer is key to surviving it. Many people get yearly screenings for certain cancers. For many older men it tends to be their prostates that they tend to be the most worried about. Now doctors are starting to over treat for cancers that may not cause much harm to the man without having the entire prostate removed or receiving radiation or chemical therapy.

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