Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gimmick! Volume 1

            Kohei is used to being a Hollywood makeup artist. He’s been doing it for a long time and was well known in Hollywood for his work on famous American movies before choosing to move back to Japan and trying to gain the same fame there. He mostly does small time jobs like small B level movies and redoing the haunted house in a horror based theme park. Though most of his work involve small amounts of makeup and the occasional dummy or (on slightly more rare occasions since they are becoming out of date) animatronics he still thrives on being able to do makeup on a living person.
            Several women he helps are famous in Japan and want assistance in achieving a goal. One woman would like to get away from her abusive manager and return to her loving boyfriend whom she had to loose touch with because of her career (or so her manager said). He disguises her as an old woman and sneaks her past her manager and to the elevator before he realizes he has been tricked. The actress manages to get to the airport and fly with her boyfriend to America.
The next woman is an actress in the beginning of her career. It had been awhile since she had last acted because she had been in a severe car accident when she was supposed to be on the movie set. Rumors had begun that she had a disfiguring scar which would cause her to loose what is a major role for her, involving her first nude scene. She wanted to look like a beauty in the movie but she couldn’t do it with the scar that now runs the length of her chest. She hires Kohei to make it appear as if the rumors of the scar were untrue. The makeup is so flawless that no one knows the difference between what is makeup and what is skin.
Excellently written with great art. Readers be aware of small amounts of full nudity in the book. 4 out of 5.

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