Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cruelty Caused by Celebrity

Cruelty is becoming more and more
The norm as fewer people seem to
Want to be kind to the people around them,
Fewer seem to want to do something that
Would be against their own personal gains.

They all seem want to look for something
High profile and that will make them as rich
As the celebrities they read about in the magazines
And see on television.

They all want to be part of the newest scandal,
Be known for how much they could drink
Both before and after their rock shows.
They want to be known for getting away with
The bad behavior they know they have no chance of getting away
With in their current lives.

They all seem to want to always party and
Get short sentences that are shortened even further
By crowds of fans that seem to think that
They should get away with what they did
No matter what it may be.

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